Excerpt from Chapter IV – “Rupture”

Misled by Tony Ginyard

Excerpt from Chapter IV – “Rupture”:

Blinking and shaking his head several times as if trying to shake off a bad dream, Bryce shifted and attempted to adjust himself in the hospital bed. Unable to fully wrap his mind around the ramifications of what he’d just heard, he nevertheless decided to acquiesce and hear what this stranger had to say.

Motioning for Stephanie to come in and take a seat in the chair near his bed, he waited for her to comply before he forced himself to find his voice. She seemed to anticipate his anxiety, waiting patiently for him to come to terms with the situation. Inhaling deeply, he finally stated in a questioning tone, albeit shakily, “You’re his wife.”

With a slight smile, Stephanie answered, “Yes.” She knew that once he’d said it aloud, it would begin to sink in.

“How long have … I mean, I had no idea. I hope you realize that—”

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