Excerpt from Chapter V – “Deviation”

Misled by Tony Ginyard

Excerpt from Chapter V – “Deviation”:

Dean downed the scotch in one gulp and immediately poured himself another, his hand visibly shaking. Pamela stood up and walked over to him, placing a steady hand on his right shoulder. “Dean, are you all right?” she asked with immediate concern. She’d never seen him this nervous before, except when he had visited her room back in college.

“Oh, sure, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? There’s some maniac out there with a hard-on for you, and he or she—these are modern times, after all—has no problem killing. They’ve made a point of proving that already at least twice over, and as you so studiously put it, I may be on this nut bag’s list as well! Oh, yeah, I’m fine! Magnificent, in fact!” With that, Dean emptied his glass a second time.

“Dean,” Pamela began, moving her hand from his shoulder to the side of his face, “I get that you’re scared. I am too, but we really don’t know what we are dealing with yet. This may have nothing at all to do with you.” Their eyes locked for a few seconds before Pam released her hand and instructed Dean to come and sit with her back on the couch before she resumed. She led him in the same way she had led him to her bed all those years ago in college.

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