Excerpt from Chapter VII – “Shattered”

Misled by Tony Ginyard

Excerpt from Chapter VII – “Shattered”:

Olivia managed to find a parking spot right across the street from the bank. She was so nervous and flustered that she dropped her keys twice: once when she pulled them out of the ignition after placing the car in park, and again after she finally gathered enough courage to exit the vehicle.

Come on, girl, she thought, you’ve got to get yourself together. Whatever happens, you can handle this. Gathering all the courage she could muster, Olivia forced herself to cross the street and enter the bank.

She was greeted immediately by Michelle, the head teller. “Good morning, Olivia! How are you?”

Olivia really didn’t care for this heifer. Michelle was too innocent and sickeningly sweet. The feeling was always mutually understood, she knew, but if Olivia hadn’t known any better, she would swear that Michelle was actually relieved to see her. Before she could even respond, Michelle had moved in closer and spotted her bruised face and smeared makeup. “Oh, my gosh!” she nearly screamed. “What happened to your face? Were you mugged? Do you need me to call the police?”

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